APex marketing currently work with a number of clients across the globe.

Our depth of knowledge in the marketing sector, with added specialist knowledge in digital marketing has grown from our teams comprehensive UK based education. If you are a firm based entirely abroad, or have businesses operating in both the UK and in an international location we'd love to hear from you. Our experience in working with brands across the globe means we are reliable and innovative solution to your marketing ideals.


We include the following services with ALL of our international marketing clients:


daily posting & engagement

To ensure your audiences and customers around the world are engaged with your content, products and services 24/7.


monthly reporting & analytics

To help you understand the progress being made, wherever you are in the world.


in-depth market research

We guarantee knowing your market better than any of your competitors.


Regular visits

We make the effort to visit you on-site wherever you may be based.

ARE YOU A interested in working with a uk based social media and marketing agency? WE CAN HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND PUT IT ON THE MAP from wherever you are based in the world.