Our Team

Meet our marketing savvy's. Social media experts, innovative website designers and creative content producers. The APEX Marketing team are specialists in building your business.

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Max Melia
Managing Director

With over 5 years of experience in the marketing sector, Max is an expert in growing brands around the world through the use of his in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, event management and consultancy experience.

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Harrison Cheesman
Executive director

Harrison's vast knowledge of corporate and hospitality industries helps him provide detailed analysis and consultancy on how to improve marketing strategies for a number of clients with a key focus on return on investment.

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Elissa Whelan

Marketing Consultant

Elissa has a passion for social media, helping to create beautiful and enticing social media feeds for a range of clients.


Kristian Hammond

Corporate & Events

Kristian is experienced in corporate account management, as well as being an expert in event consultancy. 



Website & SEO Specialist

Dan has built over 100 mobile optimised websites and heads up our website and SEO office teams. Building websites you can be proud of.


Henry Vichi

Branding & Design Consultant

Archie heads up the branding and design division. His innovative and modern ideas help bring business's brand ideas to life.

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Joe Morley

Marketing & Events Consultant

Joe's experience in running a successful events company has helped him learn the ins and outs of how to create successful brands and events.

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Amelia Goodman

Head of Influencer Marketing

Amelia has created a pool of powerful influencers that help her implement viral influencer campaigns for events and a number of APEX clients.


Josh Hiatt

Head of Content Production

Josh Hiatt is a creative photographer and videographer who specialises in capturing events and lifestyle.


Ethan Martin

Photography & Editing

Working across the world on photography projects, Ethan helps execute client content capture shoots that produce outstanding content.

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Hayden Baker

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Hayden joined the team nearly a year ago working alongside the business development team to expand his sectors portfolio of clients.